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2010 Spring/Summer Season Expansion Division
Batting Top 10 (Qualifiers)
Jones, Jason  Stars .629
Peterson, Andrew Sentries .538
Scott, Ryan Beacons .522
Siragusa, Jamie Beacons .509
Efre, Jimmy Beacons .500
De Los Rios, Jose Goliaths .493
Munguia, Dave Sentries .467
Morales, Jose Beacons .467
Laufman, Phil Sentries .449
Estevez, Manny Sentries .448

ERA Leaders (Qualifiers)
Efre, Jimmy Beacons 1.04
Spring, Brant Beacons 1.38
Chatham, Shane Sunsets 5.25
Gellert, Andrew Beacons 5.25
Westheimer, Bob Sentries 5.40

Batter Team Hits
De Los Rios, Jose Goliaths 34
Laufman, Phil Sentries 31
Peterson, Andrew Sentries 28
Munguia, Dave Sentries 28
Siragusa, Jamie Beacons 28
Estevez, Manny Sentries 26

Batter Team Runs
De Los Rios, Jose Goliaths 34
Munguia, Dave Sentries 31
Nicoll, Keith Beacons 29
Estevez, Manny Sentries 28
Hull, Brandon Sunsets 24
Schariest, Jimmy Sunsets 23

Batter Team RBI
Wiley, Rob Sunsets 29
Munguia, Dave Sentries 28
Siragusa, Jamie Beacons 27
Weissman, Lawrence Sentries 25
Bourns, David Goliaths 24
Scott, Ryan Beacons 24

Stolen Bases
Batter Team SB
Gonzalez, Juan Stars  10
Zelaya, Irvin Goliaths  10
Efre, Jimmy Beacons  10
Four players  tied with    9

Home Runs
Batter Team HR
Green, Demetrio Sunsets   6
Scott, Ryan Beacons   6
De Los Rios, Jose Goliaths   5
Weissman, Lawrence Sentries   5
Wiley, Rob Sunsets   5
Three players tied with   4

Batter Team 2B
De Los Rios, Jose Goliaths   9
Jones, Jason Stars   8
Bourns, David Goliaths   8
Five Players tied with   6

Batter Team 3B
De Los Rios, Jose Goliaths 4
Efre, Jimmy Beacons 2
12 Players tied with 1

On-Base Percentage
Batter Team OB%
Jones, Jason Stars .717
Peterson, Andrew Sentries .619
Siragusa, Jamie Beacons .595
Nicoll, Keith Beacons .592
Efre, Jimmy Beacons .579

Slugging Percentage
Batter Team Slug%
Jones, Jason Stars 1.029
Scott, Ryan Beacons 1.022
De Los Rios, Jose Goliaths   .957
Efre, Jimmy Beacons   .795
Munguia, Dave Sentries   .750

Batter Team BB
Nicoll, Keith Beacons 16
Siragusa, Jamie Beacons 16
Sanchez, Anthony Goliaths 15
Munguia, Dave Sentries 14
Caddle, Jay Tritons 14

Strikeouts By
Pitcher Team Strikeouts
Jones, Jason Stars 44
Peterson, Andrew Sentries 40
Spring, Brant Beacons 31
Gonzalez, Juan Stars 30
Brotherhood, Eric Goliaths 28

Innings Pitched
Pitcher Team Innings Pitched
Brotherhood, Eric Goliaths 52.0
Peterson, Andrew Sentries 46.0
Ubiera, Ray Sentries 46.0
Gonzalez, Juan Stars 42.1
Westheimer, Bob Sentries 41.2
Schaut, Rick Sunsets 41.2

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